The Work of a Lifetime


This is the Jewish music for everyone. English and Hebrew weave through melodies and arrangements that bring out the best of traditional and contemporary sensibilities. With rich harmonies and crystalline solo vocals, Susan Colin shows us her voice can go anywhere. Using liturgy, some songs are perfect for lifecycle events (weddings, bar mitzvahs) or worship settings (Adonai Oz, Blessings). Other songs touch on the human experience (I'm Sorry, Tallit, The Work of a Lifetime). And don't forget to Call Your Mother.


All songs are available for download via iTunes, CDBaby, and OySongs.

Song Title Duration Lyrics Sheet Music
1.   The Work of a Lifetime 3:04 .PDF download here
2.   Blessings 4:02 .PDF download here
3.   Mi Chamocha 2:42 .PDF download here
4.   Call to Me 2:28 .PDF download here
5.   Adonai Oz 2:39 .PDF download here
6.   Birkat HaDerech 3:34 .PDF
7.   I'm Sorry 3:05 .PDF download here    
8.   Song of Songs 3:10 .PDF download here  
9.   Blessed Shall You Be 2:01 .PDF
10. Bar Mitzvah Song 2:16 .PDF download here
11. Shehecheyanu (Blessings Reprise) 4:19 .PDF download here
12. Tallit 2:58 .PDF download here  
13. Mi Haish 2:24 .PDF
14. Call Your Mother 2:36 .PDF download here