Be Strong



This is the Jewish music for everybody, doing what music does best. Gorgeous vocals, beautiful music, universal themes of life, hope, love, healing, and joy all come together to inspire and uplift.

You’ll dance, you’ll cry, you’ll rock out in the car. Share it with your friends, your kids, your parents. From the gentle harp to the rocking guitars to the Gospel vocals and everything in between, this album will have you humming. And smiling.



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Song Title Duration Lyrics Sheet Music
1.   Things Without End (Eilu Devarim) 3:23 .PDF view here
2.   Be Strong (Chazak) 4:51 .PDF view here
3.   Mi Shebeirach 4:21 .PDF view here  
4.   Yih'yu L'ratzon (May the Words) 1:51 .PDF view here  
5.   Hashkiveinu 5:00 .PDF view here
6.   Sit Down 3:52 .PDF view here 
7.   Livracha 3:01 .PDF view here
8.   Healing Song * 5:24 .PDF view here 
9.   Angel: Different than you think 4:47 .PDF view here
10. Wonder 3:34 .PDF  
11. A Miracle Happened (Chanukah) 2:43 .PDF view here  
12. Mah Tovu/Sim Shalom 3:13 .PDF  


* - Shalshelet Award (2010)