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Shine (2019)

Jewish texts come to life in these beautiful, fresh musical settings featuring the sterling vocals of Susan Colin. This collection of original and reimagined settings include a contemporary interpretation of Adon Olam, set to the simply exquisite folk melody of The Water is Wide.

The Work of a Lifetime (2015)

Susan shows us her voice can go anywhere. Using liturgy, some songs are perfect for lifecycle events (weddings, bar mitzvahs) or worship settings (Adonai Oz, Blessings). Other songs touch on the human experience (I'm Sorry, Tallit, The Work of a Lifetime). And don't forget to Call Your Mother.

Be Strong (2010)

Original and folk songs for both soft and serious moments. Songs include the tribal and stunning Mi Shebeirach,
the award-winning Healing Song, A Miracle Happened (for Chanukah),
the gospel-like Be Strong, and more!

Every Day (2005)

A gorgeous collection of original, spiritual songs drawing on a variety of musical styles. Lyrics inspired by scripture and poetry will have you dancing, smiling, crying, and praying.

Includes: Every day is a new day, I am with you still, Pray with me, New Moon, Y'varech'cha, Psalm 150, and more!

Shabbat Favorites (2003)

This album features familiar worship music to get you in the Shabbat mood! This CD is a great way to share Shabbat music with friends and family-- with sophisticated musical arrangements that appeal to all listeners.

Includes: Mah Tovu, Shalom Rav, Yedid Nefesh, V'shamru,Shalom Alechem, and more!

Prayer of the Heart (2003)

An introspective collection of traditional songs for the High Holidays and personal reflection. This CD provides a moving experience that comforts
and inspires you to find that "still, small voice."

Includes: Adonai Roi, Eili, Eili, Shalom Rav, Lechi Lach, and more!