Prayer of the Heart



Aren’t all prayers from the heart?

Not necessarily. You can spend hours, years, sitting in services, saying the words but thinking of other things. And then you notice a phrase in the siddur, or you see someone across the sanctuary weeping, or smiling at a loved one. Your heart fills with thanks, or praise, or perhaps you ask for wisdom. Then you’re really praying.



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Song Title Duration Lyrics
1.   Eili, Eili (David Zahavi/Max Helfman) 3:23 .PDF
2.   Shalom Rav (Ben Steinberg) 4:51 .PDF
3.   R'tzeh (A.Z. Idelsohn) 4:21 .PDF
4.   Sim Shalom (Max Janowski) 1:51 .PDF
5.   Eil Malei Rachamim (Adler) 5:00 .PDF
6.   Adonai Roi (Psalm 23) (Gerald Cohen) 3:52 .PDF
7.   Lechi Lach (Debbie Friedman) 3:01 .PDF
8.   Achas Shoalti (Nigun) (Chasidic) 5:24  
9.   May you have a good year (Bonia Shur) 4:47 .PDF