Shabbat Favorites




This collection of familiar Shabbat songs will brighten your day. Perfect to get in the Shabbat mood, and to share the joys of our rich musical heritage. It's a pleasure to sing along to these songs any day of the week.





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Song Title Duration Lyrics
1.   Red is the Sky (Shur/Edel) 3:23 .PDF
2.   Mah Tovu 4:51 .PDF
3.   Hineh Ma Tov 4:21 .PDF
4.   Yedid Nefesh (Azkare/Zweig) 1:51 .PDF
5.   Sh'ma/V'ahavta (Friedman) 5:00 .PDF
6.   V'Sham'ru (Weinberg) 3:52 .PDF
7.   Shalom Rav (Klepper/Freelander) 3:01 .PDF
8.   Interlude (Tomboulian) 5:24  
9.   Oseh Shalom (Hirsch) 4:47 .PDF
10. Yismechu Hashamayim 3:34 .PDF
11. Mi Shebeirach (Friedman) 2:43 .PDF
12. Shalom Alechem 3:13 .PDF