Jewish texts come to life in these beautiful, fresh musical settings featuring the sterling vocals of Susan Colin. This collection of original and reimagined settings include a contemporary interpretation of Adon Olam, set to the simply exquisite folk melody of The Water is Wide.


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Song Title Duration Lyrics Sheet Music
1.   Lo Yisa Goi 2:48 .PDF view here
2.   Shalom Aleichem (set to Tumbalalaika) 2:06 .PDF view here
3.   One, Two and Many (Lo Alecha) 3:33 .PDF view here
4.   V'shamru 2:13 .PDF view here
5.   Adon Olam (set to The Water is Wide) 3:43 .PDF view here
6.   Ahavat Olam 3:16 .PDF view here
7.   Ma'Ariv Aravim 2:53 .PDF view here    
8.   Hodu Ladonai (Psalm 118) 2:53 .PDF view here  
9.   K'dushah for Shabbat 3:04 .PDF view here
10. L'koleich Hashmi-ini (Song of Songs) 4:27 .PDF view here
11. Nigun for Friends 1:43 .PDF view here



Recording credits for SHINE
Heartfelt thanks to these talented musicians, mensches all, who truly shine:
Scott Leader: Piano, Guitar, Vocals
Jacob Delott: Bass Guitar, Vocals
Adam Armijo: Guitars
Joe Costello: Drums
Zack Clark: Cello
Nick Villalobos: String Bass
Taylor Morris: Violin
Shea Marshall: Clarinet, Accordion
Andria Fennig: Piano
Dannah Rubenstein, Seth Ettinger: Vocals
Produced and arranged by Susan Colin and Scott Leader.
Recorded by Scott Leader at Brick Road Studio, Scottsdale, AZ. Mixed and Mastered by Mark Hallman, The Congress House Studio, Austin, TX
© Lowell Music 2019 (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved